Psychometric testing (Recruiting) 10 candidate online tests

Psychometric testing (Recruiting) 10 candidate online tests

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There are 3 sections:

1) Problem Solving (Number Series)

2) Word Match

3) The Profiler Test:

-Appropriate role in teamwork

-Preferred working mode

-Self-descriptive adjectives

-Needs and motives

-Beliefs and opinions

About the Author Gavin Sinclair, BA(Hons)MAPS

Gavin Sinclair is a leading and renowned registered organisational psychologist with over 20 years of industry experience. His determination to establish an unbiased and fair assessment tool for the Australian workplace led to the development of HR Profiler. Gavin Sinclair commenced his career as an academic psychologist, teaching psychology for eleven years at three Australian universities. He then worked as a consultant organisational psychologist. The author of I Only Work Here, an analysis of poor industrial relations in the 1970s, Gavin has since focussed on matching jobs and people. HR Profiler has helped recruitment decisions for Sumitomo Chemical, Roche Diagnostics, Anglicare, Viasoft, Mortgage Choice, MineRecruit, and Singleton, Kogarah, Bland, Weddin and Cessnock Councils. As an organisational psychologist, Gavin has also worked for Mount Newman Mining, Hamersley Iron, Dow Chemical, Myer Emporium and Sandvik Steel. Gavin has years of psychological assessment experience with the internationally acclaimed 'online application technology'.