Recruitment agencies and ezecomply

Keeping your vendors aware, organised and engaged


Recruitment agencies are the masters of understanding the needs of both their clients and their candidates and once these skills are uniquely matched the details are presented to the client. Companies must make the final decisions regarding their future candidates themselves however, they often struggle to keep all the details together themselves and access them all at once at the instance when they need it. 

Ezecomply allows recruitment agencies to present candidates to their clients in a consumable and comprehensive manner. This easy-to-use portal will provide clients an enhanced experience through meeting their need of effective information access and candidate management.


The ezecomply client portal enables recruitment agencies and their clients to:

  • Provide effective candidate management
  • Access and manage multiple open positions
  • Store all candidate data, for each open position for the client including resumes, psych tests, external reference checks, interview notes or video interviews etc.
  • Create automatic calendar alerts for interview dates and probation date reminders
  • Enables clients to advise on the shortlist for interviews based on prospective resumes presented
  • Archive data as required on appointment or probation period completion
  • Secure more placements through differentiation by simple client management and a section for ‘speculative resumes’ if applicable

A typical client portal
simple - user friendly – customisable