Specific, Industry based, client portal solutions






for Real Estate


  • Generates Adjacency/ passive revenue stream from preferred supplier listings. (revenue generation per vendor listing)
  • Compliance adherence, for recent property sales in the area pictures/videos etc
  • Secure vendor access to all detail relating to the sale of their home
  • An auto alert calendar for upcoming open homes or auction date etc
  • An on and off line chat facility available 24/7
  • A secure repository for all open home reports from the agent plus online reports from Real and or etc.
  • Plus third party secure access to specific files. 
  • (price guidance for a 3 month listing is omly $15 and the adjacency revenue generation opportunity is some 20 to 40 times this). 


*To request a Macquarie Bank “Blueprint to thrive” document, regarding adjacency revenue opportunities - email us as above with ‘Blueprint to thrive’ in the title




for Accountants


  • Enhanced client engagement/loyalty/collaboration
  • New revenue streams from Business and HR Advisory
  • Client business reporting, with Partner commentary
  • Exception and Consolidation reporting
  • Auto calendar alerts (e.g.BAS or Tax return due dates with guidance advice etc.)
  • Secure client document repository, for easy access – prevents ‘scope creep, non billable service. Client access to data 24/7
  • New revenue stream generation from additional service awareness
  • Client access to Business and HR legal documentation = new revenue stream 
  • Allows for documents to be securely accessed (TFN transfer rules, obligation met) 




for Recruitment firms


  • Client site, Open position management
  • Position Management = (resume, Job description, interview notes, Psych test results, external checks (police, AML etc.),reference checks, letter of appointment, employment contract, employee handbook, company policies etc. All in the one place no multiple email trails.
  • Significant date calendar alerting (interview dates, candidate details)
  • On and offline chat facility
  • Ability to archive data on appointment completion or completion of probationary preiod
  • A single source, secure repository for client access to candidate data direct from the recruiters website.
  • Ability through enhanced service to secure more placements including a section for speculative resumes.




for Financial Advisors


  • Secure client document storage available 24/7
  • Communication log with clients and files time and date advised
  • Ease of access, storage and retrieval, for Financial planning and audit purposes
  • Financial planning software - agnostic
  • Assists in ensuring compliance audits are made easier
  • Permission based file access (accountants, Bookkeepers, Financial advisors)
  • On going fee agreements and fee disclosure statements contained
  • Allows for documents to be securely accessed (TFN transfer rules, obligation met)




for Tax Agents


  • Secure client portal for online document delivery
  • Reduced need for lengthy face to face meetings
  • Increased client portfolio due to efficiencies
  • Client data from the portal can be actioned in advance (downtime utilised)
  • Client documentation to support return can be placed in portal as received and actioned in advance by the agent.
  • Calendar alert as to due dates etc.
  • On and off line secure chat advising or requesting additional data etc.
  • Allows for documents to be securely accessed (TFN transfer rules, obligation met)



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