Specific, Industry based, client portal solutions


Real Estate

 - Adjacency revenue generation, with enhanced vendor Management.


Accounting Firms

 - Enhanced client engagement / loyalty

 - New revenue from HR and Business advisory

 - Client Business reporting with commentary



 - Client site, open position management.


Financial Advisors

 - Single source, secure client document repository and additional service awareness


Tax agents

 - secure client portal for online document delivery

 - ease of tax return completion reduced face to face meetings




for Real Estate


  • Generates Adjacency/ passive revenue stream from preferred supplier listings. (revenue generation per listing)
  • Compliance adherence, for recent property sales pictures/videos
  • Secure vendor access to all detail relating to the sale of their home
  • An auto alert calendar for upcoming open homes or auction date
  • A direct alerting on and off line chat facility available 24/7
  • A secure repository for all open home reports from the agent and online reports from and or etc.
  • Third party secure access to specific files. 


*To request a Macquarie Bank “Blueprint to thrive” document, regarding adjacency revenue opportunities - email us as above with ‘Blueprint to thrive’ in the title




for Accountants


  • Enhanced client engagement/loyalty/collaboration
  • New revenue streams from Business and HR Advisory
  • Client business reporting, with Partner commentary
  • Exception and Consolidation reporting
  • Auto calendar alerts for BAS or Tax return due dates with guidance advice
  • Secure client document repository, for easy access – prevents ‘scope creep, non billable service. Client access to data 24/7
  • New revenue stream generation from additional service awareness
  • Client access to Business and HR legal documentation = new revenue stream 




for Recruitment firms


  • Client site, Open position management
  • Position Management = (resume, Job description, interview notes, Psych test results, external checks (police, AML etc.),reference checks, letter of appointment, employment contract, employee handbook, company policies etc.
  • Significant date calendar alerting (interview candidate details)
  • On and offline direct chat facility
  • Ability to archive data on appointment completion
  • A single source, secure repository for client access to candidate data




for Financial Advisors


  • Secure client document storage available 24/7
  • Communication log with clients and files time and date advised
  • Ease of access, storage and retrieval, for Financial planning and audit purposes
  • Financial planning software - agnostic
  • Assists in ensuring compliance audits are easier
  • Permission based file access (accountants, Bookkeepers, Financial advisors)
  • On going fee agreements and fee disclosure statements contained




for Tax Agents


  • Secure client portal for online document delivery
  • Reduced need for lengthy face to face meetings
  • Increased client portfolio due to efficiencies
  • Client data from the portal can be actioned in advance (downtime utilised)
  • Client documentation to support return can be placed in portal as received and actioned in advance by the agent.
  • Calendar alert as to due dates
  • On and off line secure chat advising or requesting additional data etc.



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