Real estate agencies and ezecomply

Keeping your vendors aware, organised and engaged

Selling a property can easily become complicated and overwhelming for vendors. Keeping track of information, contact points for emails and written correspondence regarding important legal matters can challenge even the best. Losing sight of any of these details can prevent agencies from delivering the highest standards both in terms of the speed of the process to go from listing to settlement as well as price achievement. Failure to fulfil these criteria can have negative effects on the satisfaction of both the vendors and purchasers. 



Ezecomply allows Real Estate agencies to create a manageable online portal for their vendors’ convenience, whilst creating an opportunity to generate substantive adjacency revenues for the agency if desired.  Keeping all details relating to the sale of the home in a single secure place will allow vendor to keep track of all the detail and will assist agencies to list more properties through the differentiated service provision to vendors.  


The ezecomply portal enables Real Estate agencies and their vendors to:

  • Differentiate the offering at initial engagement with the potential vendor
  • Secure more listings
  • Generate passive revenue from preferred supplier listings
  • Ensure compliance for recent property sales in the area with photos and or video inclusion
  • Create automatic calendar alerts regarding important dates such as ‘open home; or auction dates
  • Grant controlled access to third parties such as solicitors or conveyancers
  • Store all relevant documentation and detail relating to the sale of the home including open home reports and or online reports from Real Estate or
  • Take advantage of InfoTrack’s, limited offer for a free, secure exchange service for six months 
  • Provide direct access to the vendor through the agency’s website with a client login

A typical client portal
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