Financial advisors and ezecomply

Keeping your vendors aware, organised and engaged

Financial matters are important, often complicated and usually highly sensitive. Whilst financial advisors have the necessary skills to glide their way through the details, accessing necessarily information from clients in a secure manner, may pose a problem to the flow of the process.

Ezecomply allows financial advisors to provide a secure portal for their clients where they can oversee and assist with the management of their financial positions. It achieves a greater degree of compliance whilst allowing for active collaboration.

The ezecomply portal enables financial advisors and their clients to:

  • Store client data and documents securely at all times
  • Maintain a clear communication history by dating past advice and files exchanged
  • Ease of access to past documentation for planning and audit purposes
  • Simplify the process of compliance audits
  • Grant controlled access to third parties such as accountants or bookkeepers
  • Access ongoing fee agreements and fee disclosure statements
  • Provide a simple and secure document management facility for clients to store specific details like dividend statements or information from message exchanges