Accounting firms and ezecomply

Keeping your vendors aware, organised and engaged


Ezecomply for accounting firms has been specifically designed to create a simple, user-friendly experience for their clients and enhance their relationship in a mutually beneficial, personable and informative way. This new collaborative system seamlessly creates new active and passive revenue streams for any practice.

The ezecomply client portal enables accounting firms and their clients to:

  • Enhance client engagement, loyalty and collaboration
  • Generate new revenue streams from HR and Business advisory
  • Provide a secure platform for client business reporting with the specific addition of Partner commentary
  • Conduct exception or consolidation reporting
  • Create automatic calendar alerts regarding crucial accounting dates such as BAS or Tax due dates
  • Grant access to appropriate third parties, like financial advisors, for specific documents
  • Raise awareness about additional services offered by the practice
  • Facilitate access to business and HR documentation
  • Access documents securely – in compliance with TFN transfer rules and obligations

A typical client portal
simple - user friendly – customisable