Product development/consultancy agreement

Product development/consultancy agreement

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THIS AGREEMENT is dated [insert date].


  1. [insert name of producer] ACN [insert] of [insert address] (Producer)
  2. [insert name of contractor] ACN [insert] of [insert address] (Contractor)
  3. [[insert name of guarantor] ACN [insert] of [insert address] (Guarantor)]


  1. The Producer is developing a [multimedia / transmedia] product known as [insert].
  2. The Producer wishes to appoint the Contractor to provide the Services and/or to develop the Product in accordance with the Specifications and the Contractor has agreed to accept the appointment on the terms and conditions in this agreement.
[The Guarantor has agreed to guarantee the performance of the Contractor's obligations under this agreement and to indemnify the Producer against all loss, liability, and expense which it may suffer or incur in consequence of any breach or default by the Contractor of or in performance of the Contractor's obligations.]