Policies and procedures module (in the cloud)

Policies and procedures module (in the cloud)

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Save up to 90% of the time to create your policies & procedures manual.

The New Cloud based Policies and Procedures Module 

This module is designed to help any company develop a complete business operations handbook incorporating procedures, workflow documents and business forms into one comprehensive reference manual. This innovative software will allow you to create a handbook that is specific to your business, not just a collection of standardised policies and procedures. This increases the flow of communication to employees and ensures that all staff at all levels are provided with clear procedural and Policy information. Whether your business is large or small, this module will save you an enormous amount of time and money in creating a tailored hand-book. It also tracks employee acceptance for a complete chain of information custody.

* the price includes a 12 month subscription to the service, training and any implementation.

The annual renewal thereafter is just $60.00