Minutes of directors’ meeting

Minutes of directors’ meeting

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This document is a template which can be used for the minutes of a directors’ meeting.

Changes to a company structure must be done by a company resolution and a lodgement of ASIC form 484. These structure changes include changes to:

  • registered office or principal place of business;
  • officeholder (officer, director or secretary);
  • proprietary company member;
  • name of officeholder or member;
  • ultimate holding company;
  • appointment or cessation of officeholder;
  • cancellation of shares;
  • issue of shares;
  • share structure; and
  • register of members for proprietary companies.

This precedent can be used to record the minutes of the directors’ meeting, at which these resolutions will be made.

Adapting this precedent

The minutes of the director’s meeting in this precedent include a number of variables, depending on what changes are being made to the company details. The irrelevant details should be deleted.

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