Letter to vendor’s representative raising issues pre-exchange

Letter to vendor’s representative raising issues pre-exchange

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This is a letter which can be sent to the vendor’s representative raising various issues.

Use this letter when acting for a purchaser in a conveyancing matter to raise issues in the form of pre-contract requisitions prior to exchange. The terms of this letter may vary depending on the issues to be raised. This precedent contains a number of examples, however these are not exhaustive and may not apply to every transaction.

You should obtain instructions from your client as to all issues to be raised and confirm instructions in writing or contemporaneous file note.

For precedent letters to the vendor requesting amendments to the contract, see the precedents “Letter to vendor’s representative requesting amendments to the contract” and “Letter to vendor's representative requesting further amendments to draft contract”.

This precedent has been authored for LexisNexis by Emma Heuston, Principal Lawyer, LegalVision.

This document is prepared with the assistance of General Editor Christopher Conolly, Partner, TressCox Lawyers and Specialist Editor, Peter Rosier, Principal, Rosier Partners Lawyers.