Letter to vendor client reporting completion

Letter to vendor client reporting completion

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This precedent is a letter to the vendor client reporting on matters relating to completion of sale.

The precedent is used for the following purposes:

·            to advise the vendor that completion of the sale has occurred;

·            to account to the vendor for the balance of the purchase price received on completion;

·            to provide instructions on how the deposit will be accounted to the vendor;

·            to inform the vendor on all other details pertaining to the sale; and

to provide further instructions on matters for the vendor to action following completion.

This precedent has been authored for LexisNexis by Daniela Terruso, Director, Intelmar Pty Limited.

This document is prepared with the assistance of General Editor Christopher Conolly, Partner, TressCox Lawyers and Specialist Editor, Peter Rosier, Principal, Rosier Partners Lawyers.