Interview Questions (Behavioural) 175+

Interview Questions (Behavioural) 175+

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Research tells us that most positions are awarded on the base of a Resume/CV, which has not been checked for accuracy, head, heart, gut and or interview questions that are usually different for every candidate and therefore no consistency as to performance in the role can be reasonably assessed.

Added to this, most exits of employees from companies for poor performance are based on attitude, behaviour and or poor teamwork. Therefore, if you are ‘firing’ due to poor behaviour, then maybe ‘hiring’ for desired behaviours could be the answer, therefore limiting the forced poor performance exits from your company with the expense and trauma that can be associated with this task.

Select appropriate Behavioural Interview questions from the 175+ questions you will receive in word format in the areas of: -

Communication – Listening, Oral, Written

Personal / Motivational - Work Standards, Initiative, Tolerance for stress, attention to detail and integrity

Interpersonal – Leadership, Tenacity, Negotiation, adaptability, persuasiveness and employee leadership

Decision making – Analysis, Judgement, Decisiveness, Financial analytical ability, Creativity, Risk taking and Organisational sensitivity

Knowledge / Skills – process operation

Management – Planning and organizing Delegation Control and development of people

Follow up questions – all questions in this section can be applied to any of the above categories.

Also, worth active consideration is a Psychometric test online for each short-listed candidate to provide some additional objective data. At less than $20 per candidate. Search 'Psychometric testing'.