Grievance policy

Grievance policy

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This document is a grievance policy.

The policy is applicable to all types of employers, as it provides a process for the quick and effective resolution of workplace grievances, regardless of the size of the workplace.

The content of the policy provides numerous options to be reviewed and utilised, depending upon which policies exist in the employer’s workplace and the person within the organisation who manages the grievance process (eg, human resources or the relevant manager.)

This policy may be used in conjunction with a variety of policies, including the “Harassment and bullying policy”, “Anti discrimination policy”, “Victimisation policy”, “Drugs and alcohol policy”, “Acceptable IT use policy” and “Confidentiality policy”.

This document has been prepared for LexisNexis and is authored by Brooke Pendlebury, Principal, Pendlebury Workplace Law, Sydney.

This document is prepared with the assistance of Specialist Editor Justine Turnbull, Partner, Seyfarth Shaw Australia.