Form 7 — Affidavit accompanying statutory demand

Form 7 — Affidavit accompanying statutory demand

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Introductory note

(rule 5.2)

[Name of creditor(s)]


[Name of debtor company]

Debtor company

I, [name] of [address and occupation], *say on oath/*affirm [or *make oath and say/*solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm]:

  1. I am [state deponent’s relationship to the creditor(s), eg, ‘the creditor’, ‘(name), one of the creditors’, ‘a director of the creditor’, ‘a director of (name), one of the creditors’] in respect of *a debt of $[amount]/*debts totalling $[amount] owed by [name of debtor company] to *it/*them relating to [state nature of debt, or debts, ensuring that what is stated corresponds with the description of the debt, or debts, to be given in the proposed statutory demand, with which this affidavit is to be served on the debtor company].