Fixed drawdown schedule

Fixed drawdown schedule

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This is a fixed drawdown schedule. It is designed to be inserted at the end of a loan agreement.


Where a loan agreement provides the borrower with the ability to drawdown the loan amount progressively over time, the parties can agree that the borrower either:

  • draws down the loan amount by way of fixed instalments on agreed dates, called fixed drawdown; or
  • draws down the loan amount flexibly as and when the borrower requires, up to a maximum loan amount within a certain time period.

Where the parties agree to a fixed drawdown process, it is common to include a schedule to the loan agreement setting out the amount of the fixed instalments and dates on which these instalments will be drawn.

This simple precedent schedule provides a framework for a fixed drawdown schedule which would be customised by the drafter based on the fixed drawdown process agreed between borrower and lender.

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