Financially protect your family (insurance advice)

Financially protect your family (insurance advice)

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Strategies to financially Protect your Family (Insurance)

Fully tailored written Financial Advice to identify strategies to provide for your family if you are unable to work.

How would your family cope if something were to happen to the breadwinner of the family? Could they still pay all the bills and the mortgage? These are tough questions and of course we hope it will never happen to us – but what if?

One way to help secure your family’s financial future is to put in place strategies so that if you suffer an accident or illness or worse, you can still pay your bills and financially protect your family’s future. It’s easy to find out about the options that suit your needs and it can be too late if you wait.

There are many complexities of the life insurance market and it’s not as simple as buying a policy for your car or home – that’s why it’s best to seek professional Financial Advice.

Having spoken to NewStart Financials' Senior Financial Adviser in the free 15-minute discussion, this package takes you to the next step to provide you with written Financial Advice on strategies to provide for your family should you fall seriously ill, have an accident or worse. (if you have not selected this free session, please do so before purchasing by selecting 'Do I need a financial planner'). 

NewStart Finacial will be gathering information on your complete personal and financial situation and your financial goals and needs to develop strategies and recommendations for the most appropriate options. You will receive a comprehensive Statement of Advice containing our analysis and recommendations including any assumptions, benefits and drawbacks to allow you to make the optimal decisions for your needs. The advice will also contain quotes and options for covers appropriate for your needs, including ownership structures and sum insureds.

When you purchase this package, you will receive all the services which go into creating a written financial plan tailored to your circumstances. We will develop, document and present this as a Statement of Advice to you. Typically, this process will take a number of weeks depending on the complexity of your situation and your requirements.

The Statement of Advice will include, but not be limited to, the following:

- Liaison with your Super fund managers to determine any current insurance coverage/s;

- All general administration tasks;

- Personalised Research and Product Selection;

- Development of your personalised strategy;

- Preparation of your personalised Statement of Advice;

- A Presentation Meeting to discuss your Statement of Advice;

- Client access to our administration team;

 - If you would like to proceed with the recommendations, we will also help you to complete and lodge the required applications.