Deed of priority

Deed of priority

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This document is a deed of priority.


A borrower may borrow money from more than one lender and the lenders agree that the borrower may use the same security to secure the debts of all lenders. The borrower and lenders should then enter into a deed of priority under which they agree which lender will have the priority to enforce the security should the borrow default on a loan.

This precedent does not include boilerplate clauses for a loan agreement but only clauses relating to creating priority between lenders over the same securities.


In simple terms, marshalling may apply to circumstances where one lender has a claim against two or more securities (Lender A) to enforce its debt against the borrower and the other lender (Lender B) only has a claim against the security held by both lenders. Where marshalling applies, Lender B may require Lender A to make a claim first against the security to which Lender B has no claim. See clause 3.

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