Business coaching (6 x one hour sessions)

Business coaching (6 x one hour sessions)

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So having now spoken with your Business coach in your free session and decided this package will assist you and your business lets get started: -

Like all coaches, a business coach is not there to make decisions but to coach you to the right decision for your business. Whether that is assessing options, framing the criteria against for a major business decision or act as a sparring partner to look at the pros and cons of taking on a specific strategic direction. As part of the first session your coach will explore what you are seeking to achieve out of coaching sessions making sure your objectives and time-frames are aligned. As one can appreciate these sessions are extremely personalised and focussed on your desired outcomes, however areas you may wish to include could be: -

1. Business performance / enhancement

2. Strategy /Planning /Execution

3. People / Talent / Development

For most organisations the time spent with a business coach can count towards CPD credits. Six sessions with your coach could get you six CPD credits.

In addition the cost of the coaching sessions could be tax deductible for some Companies, check with your tax accountant to see if this applies to you.