Authority to waive or shorten cooling off period (QLD)

Authority to waive or shorten cooling off period (QLD)

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This precedent may be used during the course of a residential conveyance in Queensland.

This precedent is an authority to be used if the buyer wishes to shorten or waive the cooling off period. The receipt of the authority from a buyer client is not a requirement under the Property Occupations Act 2014 (Qld), however it is recommended to provide the practitioner with protection in the event the buyer ever argues they were not properly informed regarding the consequences of waiving or shortening the cooling off period.

Practitioners must use this precedent in conjunction with the materials produced by their insurer and the Conveyancing Protocol.

This precedent has been authored for LexisNexis by Luckbir Singh, Partner and Sasha Vleeshouwer, Lawyer, MacDonnells Law.

This document is prepared with the assistance of Specialist Editor Christopher Conolly, Partner, TressCox Lawyers.