Assignment of designs

Assignment of designs

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This document is designed as a simple assignment of designs.

Assignment of designs

The user should consider why the designs are being assigned.

If it is due to the purchase of products or technology, or of a company or business that has been built around the products or technology, the user should also consider other commercial documents to accompany this assignment. These might include sale of business documentation, employment or consulting contracts, technology transfer or training documents and any associated supply, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and licensing or sub-contracting documentation.

Non-inclusion of confidential information

This document is designed to deal with the assignment of the patents only, so that the relevant patent registers can be kept free of the details of the other documents mentioned above.

The patent registers are public, so if there is any confidential material included in the assignment (such as the consideration), the user should redact that part before submission.

Agreement rather than deed

This document is an agreement, as consideration is provided for. If no consideration is provided, it may need to be a deed.

Whether it is a deed or agreement, the consideration paid may have consequences for stamp duty or other fees in the state or territory chosen. Users should consider this at the outset.

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This document has been authored for LexisNexis by Marianne Dunham, Principal, Dunham Legal.

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