Agreement to provide company secretarial and related services

Agreement to provide company secretarial and related services

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  • This document is an agreement for the provision of one or more company secretarial services, including traditional company secretarial services.

Traditional company secretarial services include keeping a company's registers of directors and shareholders, filing forms and notices with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Registry, serving as the registered office of the company, and assisting with the formation of new companies.

Using this document

The basic tasks and requirements of the service supplier are set out in the body of this document. There is provision for the precise services to be set out in schedules to the agreement. There are numerous schedules to the precedent that may be utilised for detailing the services to be provided.

The document sets out the general terms and conditions by which the service provider will provide its company secretarial services to the client. The specific company services that the client will require will be ordered by the client completing a specific order for that service (on a separate order form) which will be subject to acceptance by the service provider. This order form may be established by the client/company at schedule 6 to the document.

The remainder of the document is representative of a basic services agreement containing the necessary obligations and warranties of the parties.

Due to the number of ‘options’ provided in the precedent, a thorough review of the agreement upon completion is strongly recommended prior to issuing to the other party.

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This document is prepared with the assistance of Specialist Editor Murray Landis, Partner, K&L Gates.