Agreement for the provision of childcare services

Agreement for the provision of childcare services

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This document establishes the terms and conditions for the situation where a child-minder is providing child-minding services as his or her own business. This agreement assumes that the services are provided away from the parents' home, and the child-minder is looking after a number of children from different parents.

Therefore this document is not suitable where the child-minder is working only for one parent or only within that parent's home (such as a nanny, or has the role of an au pair), where the status might be that of an employee rather than self-employed.

The language is designed for easy reference and understanding by a consumer. The child-minder providing the services may utilise this document as a workable, flexible tool to use with a variety of consumers, with the comfort that all the necessary terms and conditions are contained within it.

Registration as a child-minder

A person who wishes to provide services as a child-minder is required to register as such.

Details of what is required in order to become and work as a child-minder can be found on the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relation's website. It is critical that the child-minder has full registration and certification prior to engaging in the provision of these services.

Using this precedent

The document provides:

  • the standard at which the child-minder is providing the services (other than providing the services with reasonable care and skill, the child-minder is providing the services in compliance with the requirements of being a registered child-minder and the terms and conditions of an insurance policy);
  • that before the child-minder provides any services that a parent is required to provide:
  • information about the child (including particular health conditions, immunisation records), contact details, likes and dislikes of the children etc;
  • dates and times when child-minding services are required; and
    • signed consent letters allowing the child-minder to obtain medical treatment, administer particular medicines and take the child on outings (these consent letters are set out at the end of the document);
    • a description of the type of services the child-minder will be providing;
    • what is to happen if the child-minder cannot provide the child-minding services;
    • what the parent is responsible for doing (bringing and collecting the child on time, providing certain items and foods etc);
    • the costs of providing the child-minding services, and provision for different costs for different days and times, eg whether there is a different cost for looking after children in the evening or weekend;
    • the cost(s) if the parent is late in collecting the child; and
    • what may happen if a parent fails to pay for the services.

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