Tax agents and ezecomply

Keeping your vendors aware, organised and engaged

Tax matters can be complicated and are made up of several often small but essential details. Tax agents have the skills to address the cases quickly, however, having to wait for clients to provide information can make processing times significantly longer.
Ezecomply allows tax agents to utilise any ‘downtime’ between client appointments to enter partial returns from data provided by the client in the portal prior to the meeting, ensuring a higher level of effectiveness due to the ease and timely access to their data.




The ezecomply portal enables tax agents and or their clients to:

  • Store client data and documents securely at all times, accessible by the agent and client
  • Increase client engagement with them having access to their returns any time (7 years+)
  • Action tasks prior to meetings to reduce face to face time
  • Utilise agent downtime more effectively
  • Place client documentation in the portal with automatic due date reminders
  • Create calendar alerts for any client regarding important dates in advance
  • Request additional information through an on and offline chat facility
  • Grant secure, third party access to accountants or bookkeepers to clients documents as and if required 
  • Ensure all TFN rules and obligations are met through the military grade security provided