Commercial Lawyer Connection

Commercial Lawyer Connection

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Commercial Lawyer Connection

What you will receive:

  • 15 minute free phone discussion with a commercial lawyer, to discuss your legal questions or the AusDocsOnline document you have purchased.
  • If you require guidance with selecting the appropriate AusDocsOnline document/s, consider purchasing a Lawyer Connection first to obtain guidance prior to purchasing the document(s).
  • To ensure your phone discussion with oLegal is productive, detail your questions in advance and email them, with your contact number, to the address we will provide, once your purchase has been confirmed.
  • We will respond with available times to schedule your 15 minute telephone consultation. If more time is needed by you or advised to you, to answer all the questions presented, additional units can be purchased from AusDocsOnline and the lawyer will be automatically advised of the additional time selected.
  • This does not include providing you with any emails/written advice, unless this is undertaken during the 15 minute allocated slot or multiples thereof.
  • AusDocsOnline with our connection packages to experts, puts you in control of your spend

AusDocsOnline does not provide legal advice and selection of relevant documents is undertaken at the sole discretion of the purchaser.